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About Why The Face

My goal for Why The Face is to help students, teachers, and families access Social Emotional Learning content. Through my 17 years of experience in public education and from my formal training as a counselor and musician I have be become increasingly aware that the biggest barriers to getting SEL content to kids come from a combination of overwhelming amounts of information, underwhelming amounts of resources, time, and training, and the very real fear of getting it wrong; which has stifled many great ideas in education. I want Why The Face, THE BIG TIME FEELINGS SHOW and Come To The Carpet to be a bridge from research and theory to everyday practical application. I, myself, still spend all of my working time teaching/counseling/supporting students and families and other educators with SEL content.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for content, or you would like to submit an essay or opinion piece about SEL, please don't hesitate to contact us at Also be sure to subscribe to The BIG TIME FEELINGS SHOW and keep your ears out for our teacher podcast COME TO THE CARPET (November 2018). 

If you are interested in connecting with us for professional development opportunities, speaking events, or are interested in SEL consultation services please email  

                                                       - Bryan Manzo, Founder/Creative Director

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