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Episode 1 All About That Base

Total Duration: 29min

SEL Overview & Introduction of

6 Domain Areas of SEL

Episode 1 Abstract:

Introduction of Show - min 1 - 2

SEL Domains from students - min

Educators from WA State - min

Panel Discussion - min

Special guests:

Ron Hertel

Mandy Manning

Denisha Saucedo

Mona Grife

Mira Gobel

Todd Herrenkohl

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TEACHERS & FAMILIES: The Big Time Feelings Show provides SEL content for middle/high school students. The format is designed so teachers.families can just hit play in their classrooms, advisories, homes, or other meeting times. My goal is to do the work to ensure the material is evidence based and appropriate so that you can do the work of supporting the the students by incorporating helping students incorporate SEL skills into their academic work, personal/social development and college and career readiness. 

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