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23. Regarding Uncomfortable Feelings pt. 4

Listen in Spanish:

Listen in English:

Good morning families, today is Thursday April 23rd and this is a student takeover of our moment of SEL.

This is one of the things Mr. Manzo said yesterday and I quote, “…this comparative analysis still confirms both the existence of the social ladder and our place on it. This can be a perilous reinforcement of duality because it affirms hierarchy.” OMG, what is he talking about? Who is he even talking to?

Do you know what I remember from yesterday’s moment of SEL? He’s bald and he likes the Rock. I like the Rock too. But I think he has a crush on him. Classic bra

You know what gives me uncomfortable feelings? When I listen to people talk and I don’t understand what they are saying. Sometimes it makes me feel like I missed something and I’m behind. Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m supposed to know what the heck they’re talking about, but I don’t so I’m not smart.

Most of the time, it just makes me feel bored.

Those are all uncomfortable feelings. When I feel that way, I zone out. I daydream. I think about playing the drums. Or video games, or jokes. What do you do?

Sure, there’s room for me to work on my ability to focus, and you know what, I will but, there’s also room for Mr. Manzo to work on recognizing the audience or else there won’t be one. And he talk all the SEL he wants but if it’s only the wind that hears it, that’s not gonna help anyone.

So whatever you do or are going to do today enjoy! We’ll give Mr. Manzo this moment of self-reflection (that’s an SEL skill) to consider how to talk better for me. And maybe for you.

Anyway, may your thoughts and feelings be with you. And may these thoughts and feelings be with him.

Student out!

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