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30. Regarding Appreciation & Gratitude pt 1

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Bryan: Good Morning Families, today is Monday May 4th, 2020 and it is now time for a moment of SEL.

Luca: Hey welcome to teacher appreciation week! Or as it is called educator appreciation week.

B: This week we’re going to be focusing on appreciation and gratitude.

L: Appreciation is a feeling you have when you recognize and enjoy the good qualities of someone or something you value.

B: And gratitude, well that’s a big one, research has shown that is pretty strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.

L: One way to practice experiencing gratitude is to practice appreciating things. All kinds of things. The sun. The rain. The grass, the dirt. Music, food, company. Friends.

B: This week we’ve put out an all call to folks from all over, asking for them to share some things they are appreciative of. Because this is education and because it’s educator appreciation week we’re starting with schools. But don’t forget. Learning happens everywhere. Learning happens in schools, out of schools, in homes, on the street, in the park, everywhere.

L: And that means that since learning happens everywhere, all types of people can be educators. They might not all be formally trained, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t imparting wisdom and learning.

B: Now, as we are in quarantine, and as it is difficult to get everyone to record themselves and send stuff forward, consider this. The folks named in these shout-outs today, they are only a small portion of all the wonderful educators that are out there. So, try to use these appreciations as a proxy for others. If this appreciation is felt for them then know it is also felt for you, and you can feel it for others. In fact, if you are so moved, you can let them. Or you can send us your shout out and we’ll try to get it on here.

So, even though we are focusing on school and teachers today, we are not limiting our shares to that. So if you have learned a great lesson and you are appreciative of that lesson, reach out. Email us at we’d love to share your share.

L: I’ll start us off by saying this, I’m in 5th grade and I am appreciative for Mr. J and Mr. K who have let me play music I love after school in our school rock band program! Thanks homies!

B: Okay, let’s get started appreciating!

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